Our goal is to create exclusive lifestyles for individuals with refined tastes. Drawing on our international experience and connections, Astaş Holding brings together world-famous brands, designers, architects and state-of-the-art technologies to realise exceptional quality sustainable projects in some of the world’s most prominent locations. Creating these one-of-a-kind projects underpinned with our unique understanding of luxury lies at the core of everything we do.




We aim to be at the forefront of the luxury real estate and tourism industries in Turkey and our region. Whilst creating new standards for the development of luxury high-quality projects, we also aim to bring local employment opportunities and thereby effectively contribute to the Turkish economy.




Over its 40-year history, Astaş Holding has been and continues to be an industry leader. Constantly striving for excellence thorough knowledge, Astaş is progressing a well-planned and reliable growth strategy. Astaş Holding plans to develop a collection of select high-end real estate projects including resort and city hotels, villas, residences and business centres with a total worth of USD 5 billion within the next five years.