Herein after Astaş Holding and its group companies shall be referred to as “Astaş”.


1. Subject

1.1. This text contains the usage conditions of the website of Astaş and the rights and undertakings of the Parties arising from such usage.


2- Definitions and Conditions

2.1. To enter this web site, or use any information from this website, shall mean that the conditions and provisions mentioned below are accepted by the user.

2.2. Precautions have been taken on this website for antivirus and protection from other similar virus softwares, however the user is obliged to provide his own virus protection program and necessary protection to ensure ultimate safety. In that respect, the user accepts that the user is resposible for  any default and its direct or indirect results that may occur in his software and operating system because of entering this website.



2.3. Astaş, the members of Board of Directors, executives, employees, the persons who prepared the information stated in this website and the persons and organizations authorized by Astaş are not liable legally and/or criminally for the damages and losses arising from the use of the website.


2.4. Astaş has the right to change and update all conditions and provisions stated in this legal warning without the necessity of any notification.


3. Information and Waiver

3.1. This website has been prepared in good faith for information purposes. All information contained in this website is of a general nature and the accuracy, completeness, reliability, adequacy and actuality of this website are not warranted or guaranteed by Astaş under any circumstances.

3.2. The information contained in this website might be removed, changed, corrected or amended  by Astaş at any time without the necessity of any pre-notification and/ or warning in any form.

3.3. Astaş, members of the Board of Directors, executives, employees, the persons who prepare the information contained in this site and the persons and organizations authorized by Astaş are not responsible under any name  either directly or indirectly, materially  or morally, for any negative and / or positive  damages arising from any direct or indirect use of the information contained on this website  or relating to access to this website. 


3.4. Astaş, members of the board of directors, executives, employees and the persons who prepare the information contained in this website are not responsible for any delays, omissions and errors related to this information and / or any direct or indirect damages caused by  the users use of this information.


4. İntellectual Property

4.1. All rights of title, brand, logo, visual and designs and project information used on this website belong to Astaş and it is prohibited to use some or all of it without the permission of Astaş. In case of violation of this obligation, criminal and legal proceedings shall be initiated against the persons concerned.


4.2. The information provided on this page is not intended for commercial or marketing purposes, but is only for general representative and promotional purposes. The information on this page does not bind Astaş nor does it constitute any offer or proposal. Astaş reserves the right to change this information unilaterally at any time.


4.3. Copyright and/ or other intellectual property rights relating to materials and information contained in this website including but not limited to all pages, photographs, designs, pictures  belong to Astaş and are protected by the relevant laws and this material and information may not be  used, acquired or changed without the specific authorization of Astaş .


4.4. Other companies and products mentioned on this website are trademarks of their respective owners and are also protected by intellectual property rights.


4.5. The User may, however, use, download, copy and print the information on this website for personal and non-commercial purposes, or the user may give or send this information to third parties without any commercial, or interest purpose, only for personal information on the condition that, the user informs any third party to whom they are sending the information that such information is provided from Astaş’s website and that they are bound by the provisions and conditions stated herein.


4.6. Any falsification of any information on this website in any way will result in criminal and legal proceedings.



5. Competent Court  

5.1. In case of any dispute arising out of the use of this website and the terms and conditions contained in the legal warning and / or in connection with this website, the text of the Turkish Legal Warning shall prevail and Istanbul Çağlayan Courts and the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Offices shall be authorized.



Without the prior permission of Astaş, this publication shall not be copied, distributed, or used for commercial purposes to be shown as reference or be transferred to computer systems under any format. 


For the avoidance of doubt, the text and information contained in this website is provided as general information only and may be subject to change following further checks and consideration. It is not intended to form part of any contract and should not be relied upon at this stage. This text is not binding for the parties and is not meant to imply any form of bid, offer or invitation to negotiation. The information contained in the website may be changed, cancelled or revoked at any time without consent of the counter party by Astaş